Family Picture

Family Picture
Pete, Tina, Theo, and Oscar

Friday, January 21, 2011

It's been a while!

The last time I made a post was the beginning of November?! It's been a while. Time to catch up. Lots has happened, sort of. Well, not a whole lot. Nothing major... Let's see... We did a family photo shoot. Theo turned a year old! We had a nice Christmas in Boise with Peter's family. We finished grad school applications and are now just waiting. Peter is in his last semester at BYU. And Theo and I take multiple walks and baths every day. We don't have much going on... just random things here and there, like La Leche League, story time at the library, and oh yeah! We get to eat lunch with Dadad on campus three times a week now because he has a lunch break! This is great because we just started him on a bedtime routine three weeks ago (ya I know, finally), and three days a week Theo is already asleep by the time Peter gets home from work in the evening, so being able to see him in the middle of the day is REALLY NICE. And I'm still making cuddle wraps. I really want to learn how to make other things... Like a Mei Tai (Ok, I tried, and it turned out alright, but I think I need to take some lessons). Making the same thing over and over is getting monotonous. Anyway...

Now I'm just going to add lots of photos of our family these past few months. Enjoy!

Theo would not sit still, but he was having fun trying to get away! My mom hand-made that flower in my hair!!

Lunch with Dadad on campus. :)

My new coat.

At the Ashworth's on Christmas.

Tina and Kylie!

Baths are the best!

These twins are so cute, huh!

After church on Sunday. Theo was in a very happy mood!

Love the sunlight here.

Theo really likes sitting at his new, kid-sized table!

Uncle Gero lullabying Theo to sleep.


A walk in the snow. It was Theo's idea, I swear.

Aunt Eva.
At McDonald's play place on his birthday.

Blocks! Peter said he had the same ones as a kid.

Trucks are way fun to ride on.

Chubby babies.

The broom from Grandma B was one of his favorite presents.

Birthday party friends: Jack, Theo, Cousin Luci, Halle, Oliver, and Micah.

A puppy cake - decorated by Peter.