Family Picture

Family Picture
Pete, Tina, Theo, and Oscar

Thursday, May 13, 2010


I'm catching up on the blog! So here are some more pictures that I love!

Theo is so amused. I love his smile. :)

Peter holding Theo and Oliver. Just two weeks apart, but they are two totally different babies!!!

For the first time ever, my mom and I attended Women's Conference at BYU. Here we're at the Conference Center waiting for Elder Oaks and his wife to arrive.

Theo: just chillin'

Oh, the places he'll go!

Theo's quite the traveller. He goes with Mom pretty much everywhere:

At the bus stop en route to Midvale for internship

Theo went to college with mom.

On a walk with our friends, Andrea and Oliver.

And on a picnic with Mom and Dad!

A Week in May

Two days ago my good friend, Rachel, and her husband, Josh (who was in the same district as me at the MTC back in '06) drove down from Rexburg. And they brought their almost 3 week old baby boy, John. He is so cute and so little compared to Theo! We had them over for the evening, and it was wonderful. I'm so glad they came.

This is an updated family picture of us, taken on Mother's Day.

Here's Theo riding the bus like a big kid!

And here's Theo sporting his cool BYU hat backwards (he got it from his cousins, Luke and Ezra). He's sticking out his tongue!