Family Picture

Family Picture
Pete, Tina, Theo, and Oscar

Monday, September 17, 2012

We're WINNERS!!!!!!!

So that last post I did was for a contest to win a scooter from Kickboard USA (, and we WON! Wuhoo!!!! I just got the congratulatory email an hour ago. Theo and I jumped up and down, we screamed, we ran around the house and just had the funnest time celebrating! What a high!!!

As I was running past the front door, I saw two ladies standing outside. Uhh... woops. I apparently hadn't heard them knock - wonder why. :P Then I had that awkward moment where I lost all memory.

I asked, "Do I know you?"
She responded, "I'm Theo's speech therapist."
"Of course, come in! Um could you hear us screaming?"
Oh boy... Oh well!

So we had a fabulous weekend. My child-hood best friend and her husband, Tina and Dave, took a road trip on their bike to visit me! We had a good time catching up, talking about our cute, wacky kids, and trying to figure out what type of beauty we are, lol! (from Carol Tuttle's Dressing Your Truth book). Sunday morning before they left Dave took me for a ride on his motorcycle. What a thrill! I could be a bike girl... maybe. Anyway, it was a lovely visit. I'm grateful to have good friends like Tina and Dave.

On Saturday we drove into Salt Lake for Peter's work party... AT THE ZOO! They had a designated parking lot for employees where a train picked us up and took us to the zoo. It was shear joy to see Theo and Oscar's excitement.

We'd actually never been to the Hogle Zoo yet. Theo, I swear, was the most excited kid there. It almost took pliers to pull him away from each exhibit, but once we told him what we were going to see next, he would RUN to it he was so enthused! Walking takes too long, obviously. Unfortunately, we forgot the camera. But if I had brought it, you would be seeing pictures of giraffes, monkeys, seals, otters, leopards, tigers, rhinos, and elephants. The elephants were everyone's favorite. They did a show for us, which was very impressive. We learned that elephant moms are pregnant for almost 2 tears, and at birth their babies weigh 250 pounds. And that just by eliminating, they can loose 200 pounds.

And on that note... I'm signing off.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Kickboard USA Scooter Contest

Hi, I'm Theo! I  don’t go to school yet, but when I do, I might ride the bus like Dad. We like to go with him sometimes. 

 But if I had it my way...

I would take a hot air balloon to school!

 Although, Mom will probably take me in the bucket bike…

                                     ...unless I have a scooter! 


Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Healthier Lifestyle

5 days ago Peter and I started something new. We decided to cut out most yeast- foods and desserts, and just extra sugar in general, out of our diet for a week and see how we felt. Yesterday, hump day, was the hardest. I wanted cookies and milk so badly. I almost caved. Almost. But I didn't.

Some things I have observed in the past few days:

I haven't gotten any headaches. 
I have more energy, which I used to clean out and vacuum the car and weed in the front yard! 
I miss sweets, but have realized how much we over-sugar things - like oatmeal.  
I haven't been as stressed mid-day. 
It is just as easy to turn to healthy foods for snacks, as long as you shop for and prepare them. 
Eating healthy doesn't have to be bland. 
I can be more creative than I am when it comes to food. 
I have a serious sweet tooth, and I know I can't live sugar or yeast-free permanently. But I can cut down significantly and replace sugary snacks with healthful ones. 
It's a lot easier to change food habits with your spouse on board. Thank you, Peter, for supporting me! 
It's also a lot easier when you have a specific goal in mind. 
And when you notice improvements in health immediately. 
But life is still funner with sweets.

In a future post I'll try to explain why I am gradually changing my diet. I'll also post about what healthy meals and snacks I've come up with to replace the sugar. Stay tuned... dun, dun, dun!