Family Picture

Family Picture
Pete, Tina, Theo, and Oscar

Monday, April 23, 2012

We love cousins!

Having our cousins come visit was wonderful. Anna and Isaac flew in from New Mexico, and Mareo and Milie, Luci and Cobi drove up from California! Not only did it bring us cousins together, but it also allowed for our kids to be near their cousins again. I can't describe how special it is for me to be able to see my boys together with their cousins. It's something my siblings and I missed out on because we lived half way around the globe from them. We missed not having Jake and Keeta and Eva with us.

Hugs all around! 

 Luci, you're beautiful!

Breakfast time.

 Svenja was so helpful with the little ones!

Tobias treated us to dinner at Bombay House. It was absolutely delicious. 

 Isaac and his stylish cowboy boots!

 Hunting for Easter eggs together, with a shopping cart. Cute.
 Silly Tobias, he stole the shopping cart full of Easter eggs! Luci caught him, Theo cried and gave up. :P

 Omi, Svenja and Oscar on the back porch.

Milie, bless your heart, got Theo to sit still AND eat.  How do you do it?!

 Theo misses Luci already.

Mareo posing on our window sill. Nice!

The Little Ones

Reunited. :)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Two of my German cousins, Tobias and Svenja, are coming to visit us! I received their call yesterday that they had just flewn into Boise and was completely surprised! This very minute they are driving down with my mom, Omi and brother to visit us in our new home (that still needs window coverings on all 27 windows) in our little town of Erda, Utah!! I haven't seen my cousins in 15 years; I was 11 then.I am so excited to see them!!!

Immediately after their phone call I opened the laptop and started searching KSL for mattresses. I am so lucky sometimes at finding deals. A king mattress with box springs and a queen mattress with box springs, the floor models of a furniture store, never been slept on, $200 total. Score! Peter, bless his heart, left work 2 hours early to pick them up, strap them to the roof rack of out trusty Subaru Forrester, and drive them home. We now have guest beds. :) And Peter has to make up those 2 hours of work before school on Friday. :(

My apologies to Peter's side of the family, who had to sleep on the floor in a cold basement (because we forgot to open the vents). I was a great hostess, not. They came to Utah last week since the boys got a spring break from school. The stayed one night with us and gave up a whole day of their vacation to work on our fence. They worked so hard, all day, and made huge progress! So thankful for their help!

I really should be unpacking boxes and cleaning the kitchen right now, but nursing two simultaneously makes it kind of hard to do anything else. But they're almost asleep. Then I'm off! Hey, I did wake up before the boys (which is rare) and shower, do my make up and hair, take the trash out to the curb (I mean street, we don't have side walks) (first time as a homeowner, yay!), make the guest beds, and start the cloth diapers in the washer. Amazing how much I can get done if I wake up 1 hour before the kids.