Family Picture

Family Picture
Pete, Tina, Theo, and Oscar

Saturday, January 14, 2012


My husband is such a kid... what am I to do with him? Last night I heard Theo laughing hysterically. Come to find out... my husband was chasing him with a plunger, yes, a plunger. Not only that, Peter went on to demonstrate its incredible suctioning power... on our eldest son. Can't believe I married such a nut! He always keeps me laughing tho. :)

After watching what I caught on film, Peter exclaimed, "You've gotta send this to my dad!" So here it is, Grandpa, posted especially for you. But you'll have to go to my facebook page to view it because it wouldn't load here for some reason. 

P.S. This is the same plunger we bought after Peter's dad recommended us getting one to suck out the dent in our car. It did a pretty darn good job.