Family Picture

Family Picture
Pete, Tina, Theo, and Oscar

Monday, October 31, 2011

Quick House Update

Friday we met with our super-indendent, aka the foreman, to talk about elevations, yay! The permit was approved today, Monday. We're having our pre-construction meeting tomorrow, Tuesday. And they're going to start digging on Wednesday - hoorah!!! That's the update for ya. Wish us luck!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Visiting The Pumpkin Patch!

Yesterday we visited a pumpkin patch. When Theo saw the first pumpkin, he exclaimed, "Ball!" He then ran to it and gave it a kick! Well, it does look like a ball. Silly boy. Once we had picked our pumpkins, we got picked up by a wagon being pulled by a tractor. Theo thought that was cool. And best of all, he made friends with the dog, "Fffff, ffff!"

And here I am with 4 weeks to go, give or take.

This last one is of Theo, taken just this afternoon. He had a hard day at church, conked out half way through and stayed sleeping for over and hour after we got home.

Until next time then...

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pregnancy Update

I am 35 weeks now, according to my estimate. According to the ultra sound we did at 12 weeks, however, I am 35 weeks and 4 days. Slight difference. That would make 40 weeks land on either Nov. 18th or the 22nd. Let's just say about a month from now. This pregnancy is so much different from the first one, mostly in my degree of morning sickness. I only throw up about twice a month anymore! At this point with Theo, I was still throwing up once a day, at least, which means 30 times a month - compared to two times a month this time around. The only correlation I have found that directly affects how sick I am is stress. Eating certain foods (like alkalizing foods and foods with protein or magnesium) certainly help, but after 2 months of keeping a detailed record of everything I ate, how often, and other factors such as whether I got outside for a walk that day, got a nap in, how much I slept at night, things like that... The only direct correlation FOR ME was stress. It could be hormones leveling out as well, but I have no way of measuring that. Anyway, I've rambled enough. Here are my most recent pregnancy photos, taken 9 days ago.

Our baby is head down (most of the time). She likes to keep her bum in the upper left corner of my ribs. (I'm referring to baby as a she, but she could be a he! Only time will tell.) Theo has been playing with his little baby doll a lot more recently, and he is so sweet to her. He cuddles her and sometimes even brings her to me when she's hungry and wants to nurse. I can't wait to see him interact with his new brother or sister.

Last week my midwife, R, gave me the ritualistic foot massage, which was heavenly. But then she gave me an unexpected back massage. I melted! That was, hands down, the best massage I've ever experienced. I'm in no rush to get this baby out. If baby comes at 42 weeks, that just means I get two more massages, ha ha! I don't feel huge or uncomfortable really, so I'm okay. I'm enjoying these last few weeks to focus solely on Theo. But my midwife thinks baby will come a little early. We shall see. ;)