Family Picture

Family Picture
Pete, Tina, Theo, and Oscar

Sunday, March 15, 2015

One year later...

That's right. It's been an entire year since my last post. I'm that awesome.

Let me start with yesterday. We drove the hour and twenty minutes to Provo for the day. We met up with two of Peter's six brothers, Alex and Davod, and their wives and kids, Chelsea, Sherrie, Adelaide and Benjamin. Theo has been fascinated by origami recently, mostly because he wants to make a dragon. So we toured the Origami Exhibit at the Museum of Art on BYU's campus. The creations were spectacular. After that we found a nice patch of grass and blew bubbles for the kids while the brothers threw around a football. Then David showed us what he does for work. We saw a bunch big fire enclosed in a large cylindrical furnace. David tests the temperature at various locations. That's the extent of what I understood.

Then Peter took Theo and Oscar back to Erda in anticipation of playing in the stake basketball tournament. Unfortunately, his team had to forfeit due to insufficient attendance. He was pretty bummed. All the while I was still in Provo at a ginormous clothing swap. Admittance is one bag of clothes. After sorting everything, we enjoyed a potluck dinner
. And then, finally, the "shopping" began. It was madness! I was specifically searching for mint colored dress shirts for the boys for Chelsea and Alex's wedding. Well, I found one! It will fit Wally perfectly. So yay! I also found a smashing sweater for Oscar and lots of summer clothes for them all.

I got a ride back with a friend, and didn't get home until 10 p.m. But it was worth it. Thrifting is the way to go.

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