Family Picture

Family Picture
Pete, Tina, Theo, and Oscar

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Ashworth Family Reunion

Peter's grandma, Rachel Ashworth put on a fabulous family reunion in July. We had a wonderful time and plan on returning to Bear Lake more than once. Thank you, GG, for all you did so we could have this time together.


Peter's mom, dad, brothers (except Tim, Canda, Max,  and Alex).

Bronwen, Eliza and Dave

Jane's kids

 Rayanna and her dad

I wasn't emailed a pic of Sam, Ben, or Mark Pugh's family. If I am, I will include them!

Peter, like his Dad, is always appreciative of the beautiful scenery. 

Lather up, it's time for a mud bath. I hear mud is great for exfoliating your skin.

Grandma Rachel, RayAnna and Paul enjoying the beach. 

The kids enjoying their puddle. 

Sherrie and her daughter, Adelaide. 


Becky and Eliza became instant friends. 

On the back deck, enjoying each other's company. 

Grandma sharing a story from her earlier life. 

Dave, Bronwen and their daughter, Eliza. 

Bombs away! 

Dave, looking cool. 

Upside down Tom. 



I think I was flipping here. 

Beautiful Alison/Grandma. 

Nice view, Oscar. 

Peter takes any chance he can get to fly his kite. 

Spencer and my boys adoring Adelaide. 

Hey, Tom's getting a piggy back ride from the Yukon. 

Roasting s'mores around the fire. 

Uncle Spencer is awesome. 

Theo and Oscar have the funnest time with Uncle Spencer. 

Relaxing with Nato. 

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